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You will never recover from me 


I raise foot worship and adoration to the place they deserve, at the front of the scene in a poetic, still erotic manner, and bring a different view away from the mainstream foot fetish iconography.
The immense power of the Goddess is finally restored and exposed to all. 


It is impossible not to notice my cute little berries and my natural supremacy. It takes me absolutely no effort to shine and illuminate my world. As the Sun is the fertile center of the galaxy, I am the center of your world. I make the weather, I regulate your nights and day, I turn everything tasteless and sorry.

I cannot live a regular life without being worshiped and considered the most precious thing this earth can carry. It is just energetically impossible for me and for you. The divine order is always respected. As I bring a rain of joy, pleasure, excitement and mental dominion over you, your reply is ultimate respect, love, and an endless shower of material gifts and tributes.
What is your money worth if you cannot spend it on me anyway? Just a serie of frustration and nonsense. Your quest can finally stop.
I will write poetry in your veins, brand your skin, infuse your heart and penetrate your soul.
You will taste the Marriage of Heaven and Hell. You will lose yourself in the forest of my power. You will agonise for my beauty.
I will bring the most delicious and obsessive sensations to the surface for you to discover yet unknown parts of your psyche. You will think of me in secret.
You will dream my light, because I am your source. I will be your poison and your elixir. Your Excalibur.
I will play with you.
You will never recover.
An endless stream of what you've always wanted without daring to imagine it could come to pass.
Don't make me wrong, are not a miserable little dog, your are just at your place.
In fact you are a wise man, not fooled by this world stupidity.
You dream to have the honor to serve and adore me, to embrace the greatest delight and the most delicious sensation.

As a Goddess, I have to share my gifts to the world. I have to make my feet public, to disclose The Precious.

You ear this calling for total obedience running like rivers so deep inside of you. Trust your calling and surrender.
Open your eyes to a new world where I am the fresh water in the desert of your chronical unsatisfaction.
Desire and relief. 

                                                                                                                              Angela, XX 



My art is absolutely unique 

Foot fetish fine art photography

By creating a magical world dedicated to feet and fetishism, I share my vision of beauty and pleasure.
My art is absolutely unique as I am the artist and the model. 
Most of the pictures are taken by me and are self-portraits. I sometimes have other artists supporting me in shooting what I imagined, or I collaborate with my talented friends BB fetish photographer and BadClothing for BadPeople art stylist.

I totally embody the majesty of my work sharing my vision with the world. 
I raise worship and adoration to the place they deserve, at the front of the scene and in a poetic, still erotic manner. 

Role play is a key to exploration, and I am getting excited by seeing you turned on. Always in a playful mood, I know a lot about bringing your kink to the edge. 
I can create a space where you can fully surrender to the most intimate part of yourself and enjoy the subtle limit between thrill and guilt. 

By offering exquisite artworks the immense power of the Goddess is finally restored and exposed to all. 
The dedication of the salve, his loving and perverted eyes, his willingness to do anything to satisfy The Mistress contributes to the momentum to the creations. Also, my feet are so precious I know not only the connoisseurs will appreciate the journey and the view. 

How to buy my work? 

Foot fetish fine art photography

My work is listed on 2 art sellers website 
You can find the link here.
You also know I deserve to get the full money for my art, so you can inquire with me diretcly. Not everything is listed there. 
Look at my portfolio, see what you prefer and you can learn more direclty from every piece and be in touch for details.


Foot fetish fine art photography


Most of my pictures come with a shooting collection that is not displayed and each picture, when it's not sold out, is sold as a unique piece.

Also, some private collectors or feet lovers may ask for personalized content or formulate special requests for photographies and videos.

The only limit is your imagination and my willingness to perform it. 

Prices on demand.

Tell me what you wish to realize or see.

Of course I can also make something special just for you.



Even if it's rare, some men are lucky enough to meet me in person.
They have the most unforgettable moment the my presence and in the presence of my divine feet, for one time or more for the few luckiest, as I also enjoy the relationship with a regular salve. 
I have a lot of solicitations and it is very hard to get my attention.
You know the best chance you have to get noticed. The bigger the tribute, the more chance you have.  Foot worship is a dream.
Describe yourself and what you're looking for and I will possibly reply if it could be of interest.


There are different ways you can tribute me. You can tribute with paypal, ustd, btc or with a Harrods gift card. 

I prefer you send me usdt. If you don't have an account for that yet, just open one immediately. You can then use this account in the sole purpose of tributing me, and I'm sure it will make you hard to do so. It will also respect your privacy.
I accept all tributes, I understand you might not be rich, but still crave to satisfy me and feel the thrill. That's ok.
If you want to give me or buy me some material objects (apartments, buildings, companies, planes...) send first a large tribute to prove you're serious, then I will be in touch. 

The ultimate Goddess

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