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The only footfetish Icon


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The world doesn't need another femdom in latex, the world needs me!


It is time to bring foot worship to the next level and claim the power of beauty.
What is your money worth if you cannot spend it on me? Just a series of frustration and nonsense. Your quest can finally stop. As I bring a rain of joy, pleasure, excitement and mental dominion over you, your reply is ultimate respect, love, and an endless shower of material gifts and tributes.

I am not just a domina or financial dominatrix.

I will write poetry in your veins, brand your skin,

infuse your heart and penetrate your soul.

You will taste the Marriage of Heaven and Hell.

You will agonies for my beauty.

You will lose yourself in the forest of my power.

You will dream my light, because I am your source.

I will be your poison and your elixir. Your Excalibur.
I will play with you.
You will think of me in secret.

You are not a miserable little money salve dog, you are just at your place.
In fact you are a wise man, not fooled by this world​'s stupidity.

Open your eyes to a new world where I am the fresh water in the desert of your chronic dissatisfaction.
Desire and relief. 

                                                                                                                              Angela, X$X$ 


When fetish meets creativty, high-end and unique quality content emerge

I share my vision of of beauty and pleasure with the world. I create unique footfetish art, away from the main stream and repetitive foot fetish iconography with a unique and aesthetic approach. I create a magical universe dedicated to feet ad fetishism to share my vision. I created a whole concept where I am the artist and the model, with self portraits.

I want to raise awareness around foot worship and adoration and bring the subject at the front of the scene and in a poetic, still erotic manner.

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